Washington Post’s Biggest False-Claim Recipient For 2015 Has Yuuuuuge Numbers

Gun Control Protest

Here Are the REAL Facts On Mass Public Shootings and They’re Not What You’re Being Told By the Media

Hey Trumpaloompas, Is This REALLY the Guy You Think Should Be In Our White House?

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San Bernardino Shooting Had EVERYTHING To Do With Islam, Despite the President’s Dithering


Gun Expert John Lott Utterly Destroys Obama’s ‘Mass Shootings Don’t Occur Elsewhere’ Claim

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Knee-Jerk Democrat Responses on San Bernardino Shootings Are Exactly What You’d Expect

Sen. Rand Paul

Rand Paul’s Suggestion For What Should Replace Obamacare Is the Best Idea Yet: ‘Freedom’

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In Paris, Obama Proved Beyond All Doubt His Discourteousness and Self-Importance


Congressional Budget Office’s Awful Obamacare Estimates Yield More Bad News

Leftist Economist Assigns Blame For Islamist Terror to One Main Cause: Income Inequality

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Is Climate Change Our Biggest Problem? This Prager University Course Says ‘NO!’

Ahmed And Obama

Little Liar ClockBoy Ahmed Mohammad Now Wants $15 Million and an Apology

Syrian Refugees

Is the US Really Going to Bring In Potential Islamists Even Though History Says We Should Not?

Banksy Free Speech

This is NOT Good: 40% of Millennials Want to Limit Free Speech If It Is ‘Offensive’

Mail Carrier

Given the Billions the US Postal Service Loses, It Is SO Way Past Time to Kill It

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And Now It’s Time For Some Weekend Fun With Dan Joseph: ‘The Gun Control Song’


Admin’s Response to the Nation’s Largest Insurer Bailing Obamacare Tells You All You Need to Know

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This BBC Anchor’s Direct Statement to ISIS Has Gone Viral and It Is Fantastic

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Americans’ Opinion on Obama’s Terrorism Leadership Just Hit a New Low


Fact Checking Hillary: Are all Muslims Peaceful, Tolerant, and Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism?


#ExMuslimBecause Is Trending On Twitter As Saudi Arabia Sentences a Critic of Islam to Death

Syrian Refugees

Here We Go: 8 Syrians Detained In Texas, Trying to Cross Over From Mexico

UCLA SPJ Knives 6

If You’re a Hamas-Supporting Anti-Israel College in SoCal or DC, These Posters Are On Your Campus

Syrian Refugees

“Occupy Democrats” Pro-Refugee Article Misses At Least One Incredibly Important Point

Paris Attack

This French Official’s Huffpo Article On Terror and Climate Change is the Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

This Iraqi’s Facebook Post Perfectly Imagines an ISIS Jihadi Talking to a Reality-Denying Leftist

Syrian Refugees

A Big Fat No Kidding: Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Pause Syrian Refugee Influx

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NSFW Video – Dartmouth #BlackLivesMatter Protest: ‘F#@% Your White Tears!’

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France’s President Has the Balls Ours Doesn’t: Says Islamic State Responsible For Acts of War

Paris Attack

After Claiming ISIS “Contained,” President Obama Won’t “Speculate” On Cause Of Paris Attack

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Fox Host Demolishes a Lefty Student Activist With Facts: ‘How is That Going to be Paid’

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Ben Carson On Russian Planes In A No-Fly Zone: ‘You Shoot Them Down’