Federal Government to Force Low-Income Minorities Into Wealthy Areas

  • Federal funds will be withheld from communities that do not cooperate
  • The goal is equality
  • The President is using the recent Supreme Court decision to justify the actions

Commentary: This is going to be popular with people on all sides. And it will work out very well.

Via The Washington Examiner:

“President Obama said Saturday he will use the power of the federal government to pressure communities to integrate low-income minorities into affluent areas.

Obama said his administration is implementing a new rule that will require communities to frequently review the racial and socio-economic makeup of local neighborhoods and regularly report the results to the federal government.

“Just a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that policies segregating minorities in poor neighborhoods, even unintentionally, are against the law,” Obama said, referencing a ruling on the Fair Housing Act largely ignored by the media due to attention on the Obamacare and gay marriage rulings.”

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