Latest Poll: Bush and Trump ‘Get Bumps’

  • Bush is at 15%, Trump at 13%, Cruz at 9% and Walker at 7%.
  • Trump has increased 11 points and Bush has increased 6.
  • 40% say Trump is in it for the publicity.

Via Monmouth University:

The latest Monmouth University Poll of Republican voters nationwide found significant bumps, both in the vote choice question and candidate favorability, for Jeb Bush and Donald Trump since they threw their hats into the rings. Bobby Jindal has made no headway since he entered the race, and Chris Christie may actually be losing ground since his announcement. Despite Trump’s surge, the poll also found that many GOP voters are not taking his candidacy seriously.

When Republicans are asked who they would support for the GOP nomination for president, Jeb Bush nominally leads the pack with 15%, followed by Donald Trump at 13%, and Ted Cruz at 9%. The next group of candidates includes Scott Walker (7%) – who is formally announcing today – Mike Huckabee (7%), Marco Rubio (6%), Ben Carson (6%), and Rand Paul (6%). The rest of the field garners no more than 2% of the vote, including Rick Perry (2%), Chris Christie (2%), Bobby Jindal (2%), Rick Santorum (2%), Carly Fiorina (1%), and John Kasich (1%), Lindsey Graham and George Pataki earn less than a half a percentage point. Jim Gilmore, who expressed his intent to enter the race in early August and is included in the Monmouth University Poll for the first time, has no support. Another 18% of GOP voters say they still are unsure of who they will support for the party’s nomination.

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