UN Security Council Unanimously Approves Iran Nuke Deal

  • Admin took it to the UN 24 hours before Congressional vote
  • Opponents of the deal are furious
  • Kerry: “No ability of the Congress has been impinged on”
  • Congress can say no but Obama has promised to veto. Opponents of the deal do not have votes to override a veto.

To whom did Obama swear to protect and defend?

Via The Hill:

The Obama administration was forced to play defense on Monday after lawmakers in both parties criticized its decision to let the United Nations — not Congress — have the first say on the Iran nuclear deal.

Republicans pounced on the decision following the U.N. Security Council’s 15-0 vote, arguing the White House was giving short shrift to congressional assent in a rush to build international support for the agreement.

The White House appeared to hope that the U.N. vote would build pressure on Congress to back the deal, but the strategy risked backfiring, with some Democrats scolding the administration for the decision.

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