Turkey OKs U.S. Use of Air Bases for Strikes Against ISIS

  • The Incirlik base on the Turkey/Syria border will be used
  • Until now, armed forces have been using aircraft carriers in the Gulf 
  • There has been increasing ISIS terror activity along Turkey’s border

Time to kick some serious ass.

Via Fox News:


The United States may now launch manned and unmanned military strikes against ISIS from inside Turkey after the government there agreed to allow Washington expanded use of a key air base, a senior defense official confirmed to Fox News Thursday.

Prior U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State have originated from aircraft carriers in the Gulf. However, Turkey has agreed to allow the U.S. expanded use of its Incirlik Air Base, located near the Turkish-Syrian border.

The U.S. military had been using the base in Turkey previously for drone missions and other support operations such as launching and recovering refueling aircraft. Military officials told The Wall Street Journal the agreement also opens up other bases in Turkey for potential use in the campaign against Islamic State.

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