Whoa: Don Lemon and Alan Dershowitz Criticize Anti-Free Speech Nonsense

  • The campuses of Yale, University of Missouri, and others are being upended due to political correctness and pearl-clutching precious snowflake college students
  • Alan Dershowitz and Don Lemon, neither of whom would be considered conservative, each gave interviews and made highly critical statements about the recent developments
  • Lemon:

“(students) should not be coddled by retreating into so-called ‘safe spaces’ because they’re afraid of having their feelings hurt. If you’re afraid of having your feelings hurt, don’t leave your house. College is the place where robust debate should be welcomed and vigorously explored”

  • Dershowitz:

“If you’re going to be a college administrator or a professor, if you have tenure, you have to speak back to the students, you have to call these things what they are: double standards, hypocrisy, bigotry, McCarthyism, and the fog of fascism is descending quickly over many American universities”

Both very good points and brilliantly made. #FreeSpeech

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