Obama: ‘Yes ISIS Has Attacked Us At Home, But… But… We Need Gun Control Now!!!’

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  • The President’s “weekly address” was about the terrorist attack in San Bernardino
  • But he really wanted to talk about gun control
  • Here’s a video of some excerpts (YouTube):

No Mr. President, San Bernardino was an act of WAR. Period.

Radical Islamic terrorist actions on our soil have nothing to do with gun control, yet he wants to talk about them rather than about what’s really going on. France has far stronger gun control laws than the U.S. does and it made no difference. He is prevented by his own agenda and chosen narrative to honestly address the threats confronting our nation.

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  1. One of the problems with the no fly list, is there here they need to take one more flight and leave America! Also all worried about the guys from no fly list buying guns, they will get guns or acid or fertilizer or etc.they néed out of America!

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