2016 Election

Washington Post’s Biggest False-Claim Recipient For 2015 Has Yuuuuuge Numbers

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Bernie Sanders Fans at the GOP Debate Explain Their Support and Reveal Their Idiocy

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Bernie Sanders Just Proposed the Stupidest Bill Ever: “The Keep It In the Ground Act”

Nick Searcy

Conservative Actor Nick Searcy Goes On the Warpath With #NewGOPDebateQuestions

Harry Reid

Dingy Harry Reid Comes Back From the Dead and Says Rubio Should Quit Senate

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Video: Here Are the Best 4 Moments of the GOP Debate

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Rubio Was Dead-On Correct When He Said CNBC’s Harwood Corrected Tax Criticism

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Although Jeb Bush’s Campaign Is Losing Big, His New Anti-Hillary Ad Is a Big Winner

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Donald Trump Explains Why the Polls Show Carson Beating Him: ‘It’s Not Very Scientific’

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Charles Krauthammer on Hillary: ‘We’re Not Going to Get the Facts’

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Lunch Bucket Joe Biden NOT Running: Window ‘Has Closed’

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Tingles Goes After Hillary’s ‘Fanatics’: They’ll ‘Dirt-Ball’ Biden Until He Leaves The Race

Joe Biden COA

Big Oops: Washington Post Accidentally Publishes a ‘Biden Is In’ Story, Immediately Pulls It

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Latest GOP Poll: Trump Gains, Carson’s Right Behind Him, and Fiorina Drops Back

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Really Feeling the Bern: Sanders Promises to Raise Taxes on Everybody

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Trollin’ For Support, Hillary Once Again Goes All Southern Drawl

Campaign Finance

Presidential Campaign Dollars: Here’s Who Has What, How They Got It, and How They’ve Spent It

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Simply Describes the Debate As A ‘Race to the Left’

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Glenn Beck May Have Had the Most Spot-On Summary of the Debate

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Bernie’s Comments About Hillary’s Emails Was the Biggest Crowd-Pleaser of the Debate

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Whoa: Ben Carson Has Only Been A Registered Republican For 49 Weeks

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In News That Will Shock CNN and Hillary, Americans Want Her to be Asked About Benghazi Tuesday Night

Trump And Clinton

Opinion: No, Mr. Trump… Big Government is Not a ‘Wonderful’ Thing

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Wait, Is That Donald Trump Talking Or Just Your Drunk Neighbor?

Bobby Jindal’s Tax Plan’s Genius Proposal: ‘Everybody Has to Have Some Skin in the Game’

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Charles Krauthammer Boils Down Trump’s Narrative: That’s the Theme of His Campaign, ‘Believe me’

Bernie Sanders HIllary Clinton

Hillary May Have Found One Area Where She’s to the Left Of Bernie: Gun Control

Voting Booth

Opinion: We the People Have Suffered the Consequences Because Some Chose Not To Vote

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Very Funny: Trump Campaign Sends Marco Rubio a Delivery of Bottled Water

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Whoa: Dan Joseph Just Scored a HUGE Scoop With An Interview of Bernie Sanders

Geraldo Rivera FB

Geraldo Rivera Just Defended Hillary BIG TIME On His Facebook Wall. What Do You Think?

Donald Trump Said That School Shootings Are Unique to America. He Was Wrong.