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Knee-Jerk Democrat Responses on San Bernardino Shootings Are Exactly What You’d Expect

Pot Drop 1

That Huge Hole That Was Punched Through the Roof Last Night? Oh, It Was Just a 23-Pound Bag of Pot

Typing On Computer

Huge Government Data Hack: You’re Info Is Totally Secure and Safe – Except For When It’s Not

Turns Out, Hillary Is An Ineffective Wiper: FBI Is Recovering Emails From Her Server

Friend of Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Arrested On Thursday

Ben Carson Flickr

Ben Carson Monday-Morning Quarterback’s Michael Brown: ‘I Probably Just Would Have Arrested Him’

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Have You Heard This Bone-Chilling Anonymous 911 Call Threatening To Shoot Colorado Police?

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Chief Orders ‘In God We Trust’ Stickers on Texas Police Cars: Atheist Butt Hurt Ensues

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Granny Get Your Gun! Sales Soar As Calls For Gun Control Increase

Edward Snowden

Surveillance Data Leaker Edward Snowden Doesn’t Buy Hillary’s Server Security Claims

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If You’ve Never Seen Paul Harvey’s ‘Policeman’ Video, Mike Rowe Thinks You Should Watch it NOW

Did You Know Authorities Knew About CO Killer James Holmes’ Murderous Intent Before the Killings?

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Clinton Scandal Update: 125 More Emails From Hillary Now Considered ‘Classified’

Immigration Customs Enforcement

How About the Sweep in Los Angeles That Yielded Over 240 Illegals, Most With Violent Convictions?

Darren Clarke and Janine Pirro

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Blames Obama For Anti-Police Rhetoric That Yielded Houston Deputy’s Murder

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A Lobbyist Rewrote a ND State Bill and Now Tasers Are Coming To A Police Drone Near You

Sheriff of Killed TX Deputy Condemns Rhetoric and Says ‘Cops Lives Matter Too’

Typing On Computer

FBI Issues Warning About Email Fraud – Beware of Your InBox!

Jared Fogle Subway

A Subway Franchisee Notified the Company About Jared Fogle 7 Years Ago

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Report Says One Deported Illegal Household Saves US Taxpayers $700K


Reporter and Cameraman Shot and Killed During Live Broadcast in Virginia

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Who Knew? Crime Rate Declining in Detroit as Legal Gun Ownership Increases

Robert Menendez

Senator Menendez Name Found 9 Times On What ‘Looked to be a Ledger of Prostitution Activities’

Pentagon Refuses to Comment On Clinton’s Top Secret Emails

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D.C. Mayor Has a Brief Moment of Clarity: ILLEGAL Guns Are the Problem


Why Wouldn’t Homeland Security Notify Locals About Releasing Violent Illegal Criminals?

This Black Woman’s Rant On #BlackLivesMatter and #Ferguson Movements Is Going Hyper-Viral

Detroit Police Chief James Craig

Concealed-Carry Permits and Gun Registrations Are Up In Detroit. And It’s Working

Gene Simmons

KISS Rocker Gene Simmons’ Home Raided and Police Were Looking For Child Porn

Immigration Citizenship

Every Country Grants Birthright Citizenship, Right? Not At ALL.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner May Face Manslaughter Charges For Auto Accident Death

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ANOTHER Planned Parenthood Video: Beating Hearts and Intact Brains