Marco Rubio

A Fact Check on Rubio’s ‘No Gun Laws Would Have Prevented Recent High-Profile Mass Shootings’

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Hey Gun Haters, Here’s a Quick 5-Step Video to Show You How to Make America Gun Free!

Bernie Sanders HIllary Clinton

Hillary May Have Found One Area Where She’s to the Left Of Bernie: Gun Control

Ramirez Gun Control

Pulitzer-Winning Political Cartoonist Michael Ramirez Destroys Obama’s Gun Control Rant

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On the Heels Of the President’s Calls For More Gun Control, Bill Whittle’s Gun Video Is Directly On Point

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Oregon Killer’s Dad: ‘If Chris Hadn’t Been Able to Get Ahold of 13 Guns, It Wouldn’t Have Happened’

Donald Trump Said That School Shootings Are Unique to America. He Was Wrong.

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Rudy Giuliani Just Said What Everyone Has Been Thinking After Obama’s Gun Control Press Conference


Opinion: Obama & Umpqua shooter — Facts Raise Their Ugly Heads

Umpqua Community College

Just So You Know, Umpqua College Was A Gun Free Zone. Until Today, That Is

Gun Store

Yet ANOTHER Loss For Washington DC’s Gun Laws Due to That Pesky and Irritating 2nd Amendment

Dana Loesch Guns Ammo Magazine Cover

Watch Dana Loesch’s Fantastic NRA Ad: ‘Moms Like Me’

Radical Islamists Beware: Take A Look At Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell’s New Kick-Ass NRA Ad

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Granny Get Your Gun! Sales Soar As Calls For Gun Control Increase

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Who Knew? Crime Rate Declining in Detroit as Legal Gun Ownership Increases

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D.C. Mayor Has a Brief Moment of Clarity: ILLEGAL Guns Are the Problem

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Wisconsin Appellate Court Rules That Illegal Aliens Have Second Amendment Rights

Detroit Police Chief James Craig

Concealed-Carry Permits and Gun Registrations Are Up In Detroit. And It’s Working

Gunshow 1

Latest Pew Gun Poll Results Show Very Strong Opinions

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North Carolina Pastor Plans to Arm Parishioners in Wake of Charleston Shooting

New York City Gun Seizures

NYC Gun Seizures At A 10-Year Low and Authorities Blame End of Stop-and-Frisk

Crazy Town: Walmart, Amazon & Others Agree to Stop Selling Toy Guns in New York

Left-Wing Loon Solution to Gun Violence: Remove Gun Emoji From IPhone