Islamic Terrorism

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Did Political Correctness Stop an Investigation Into San Bernardino Shooter’s Radical Islamic Group?

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This BBC Anchor’s Direct Statement to ISIS Has Gone Viral and It Is Fantastic

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Americans’ Opinion on Obama’s Terrorism Leadership Just Hit a New Low


Fact Checking Hillary: Are all Muslims Peaceful, Tolerant, and Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism?

Syrian Refugees

Here We Go: 8 Syrians Detained In Texas, Trying to Cross Over From Mexico

Syrian Refugees

“Occupy Democrats” Pro-Refugee Article Misses At Least One Incredibly Important Point

Paris Attack

This French Official’s Huffpo Article On Terror and Climate Change is the Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

This Iraqi’s Facebook Post Perfectly Imagines an ISIS Jihadi Talking to a Reality-Denying Leftist

Syrian Refugees

A Big Fat No Kidding: Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Pause Syrian Refugee Influx

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France’s President Has the Balls Ours Doesn’t: Says Islamic State Responsible For Acts of War

Muslim Brotherhood

Ted Cruz Just Threw Out A Big Fat Challenge to Obama: ‘Let’s Call the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists’

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Feel-Good Video of the Day: ISIS Suicide Bomber Blows Himself in Half

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Obama’s State Department Promotes Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on ‘Killing of US Soldiers’

Palestinian Cleric

Muslim Cleric in Gaza Instructs Palestinians to Cut Jews ‘Into Body Parts’

Benjamin Netanyahu

The Most Poignant Part Of Netanyahu’s UN Speech Was the 45 Seconds of Silent Staring

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These White House Tweets Shows Why Obama Is Fundamentally Unserious About Defending Our Nation

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Obama Subtly Acknowledges He Blew It On ISIS By Upgrading Them From ‘JV Team’ to ‘Apocalyptic Cult’

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Fox’s Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera Almost Come to Blows Over Iran. Again.

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Even Bill Maher Gets the Ahmed Mohamed Story Right: ‘Because It Looks Exactly Like a F*****G Bomb’

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Turns Out, Innocent Victim and Clock-Builder Ahmed Mohamed’s Daddy Is a Muslim Activist

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This May Have Been the Most Passionate Moment of the Debate: Carly Fiorina on Iran and Planned Parenthood

Refugees In Germany

This Will Not End Well: Radical Islamists Recruiting Refugees In Germany

Now That the Iran Nuke Deal is Basically Done, Is Ayatollah Khamenei Mellowing Out? Um, NOT AT ALL.

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If You Thought Mark Levin Was Riled Up Before, Check Out This Video From the #StopIranDeal Rally

Radical Islamists Beware: Take A Look At Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell’s New Kick-Ass NRA Ad

Palestinian Girls Exercise During A Summer Camp Organized By Hamas Movement In Rafah In The Southern Gaza Strip

A Summer Program To Which You Did NOT Send Your Daughter: Hamas Para-Military Girls Camp

Hugh Hewitt

Did You Hear About the Big Interview Between Hugh Hewitt and the Donald? Hewitt Just Pushed Back. Hard.

Mohammad Ali Jafari

If You Thought That the Iranians Would Be All Lovey-Dovey With the U.S. Now, You’d Be Wrong

Palmyra Tempe With ISIS Flag

Look at These Satellite Photos Of Palmyra’s Temple – Before and After ISIS Destroyed

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Dynamic Duo? Trump and Cruz Joining Forces to Protest Iran Nuke Deal on Capitol Hill

Palmyra Tempe With ISIS Flag

ISIS Just Released Pictures of Their Destruction of Palmyra’s World Heritage Sites

Dan Joseph Iran

How About An Explanation of the Iran Nuclear Deal Nicely Put to Music By Dan Joseph?