Hey Trumpaloompas, Is This REALLY the Guy You Think Should Be In Our White House?

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Bernie Sanders Just Proposed the Stupidest Bill Ever: “The Keep It In the Ground Act”

Muslim Brotherhood

Ted Cruz Just Threw Out A Big Fat Challenge to Obama: ‘Let’s Call the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists’

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Did You See Megyn Interview the ‘Open Season On the Cracka’ Woman?


This Mayor’s Husband Thought It Would Be Hilarious to Dress Up As a KKK Member For Halloween

Obama Prison MAIN

Obama’s Newest Exec Action: Fed Govt Can No Longer Ask Potential Employees About Criminal History

Quentin Tarantino

Boycott of Director $#*#Head Quentin Tarantino Now Over 1,000 Police Groups

Mitch McConnell Harry Reid

18 Squish GOP Senators Join Democrats to Pass 2-Year Spending Spree Bill

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Feel-Good Story of the Day: Man Pulls Gun and Shoots Would-Be Murderer

China Kiddo

China Goes On a Liberty Spree: Now Couples Are Allowed to Have Two Children!

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Sigh: Economic Growth Slowed 62.5% Last Quarter

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Former House Speaker and Dirtbag Denny Hastert Pleads Guilty to One Count of Hiding Money Transactions

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19 House Republicans Move to Impeach IRS Head Over Covering Up For Lois Lerner

Obama Mcconnell Boehner

25% of Republicans Decide to Not Be Republicans With New Budget Deal


New Report on Police Shootings Will NOT Please the #BlackLivesMatter Anti-Cop Narrative

Gunshow 1

Whoa: Gun-Homicides Are Down 50% AND Gun Ownership Is Up 100% Over the Last Twenty Years

Lois Lerner and Other IRS Officials Get Off Scot-Free As No Charges Will Be Filed

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Obama Uses Veto Pen to Stop Defense Authorization Bill Due to Money and Gitmo Concerns

Trey Gowdy Benghazi

Watch Trey Gowdy Sharply Address Hillary and Explain Exactly What the Benghazi Committee Is Doing

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Obtains Conservative Support For Speakership – Sort Of

Christopher Stevens

Obstruct Much? State Dept Dumps 1,296 Pages of Chris Stevens’ Emails Just Before Hillary Testifies

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Lunch Bucket Joe Biden NOT Running: Window ‘Has Closed’

Ahmed And Obama

Less Than 1 Day After Getting a Big Obama Smooch, ClockBoy Ahmed Mohammed Announces Move to Qatar

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Says He’ll Be Speaker of the House – If Everyone Agrees Upfront to Support Him

Joe Biden COA

Big Oops: Washington Post Accidentally Publishes a ‘Biden Is In’ Story, Immediately Pulls It


Fun Quiz: Has California Had a Net Gain Or Net Loss Of Non-Immigrant Residents Over the Last Decade?

Democratic National Committee All In: Hillary, or Nothing!!!

Polar Ice

Paging Al Gore: NASA Data Shows Polar Ice Caps Are Essentially Unchanged in the Last 35-Plus Years

Zimbabwe Decides: Minnesota Dentist Had All the Proper Paperwork to Kill Cecil the Lion

Gun Free School Zone

Great: Would-Be Killers With Concealed Carry Permits Thwarted By Gov Brown On CA School Campuses

131002142202 Printing Money Debt Ceiling 620xa

Guess Where the Big Earners Are These Days? NOT the Private Sector, That’s For Sure

Kevin McCarthy

BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Race For Speaker of the House