Obama Administration

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Obama: ‘Yes ISIS Has Attacked Us At Home, But… But… We Need Gun Control Now!!!’

Appeals Court Breaks Obama’s Pen and Rejects Executive Amnesty

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Obama’s Keystone XL Pipeline Decision is Proven to be Utter Nonsense With Two Simple Graphs

Sad Obama

Obamacare Premiums Will Be 271% Higher Than the Administration’s Forecast

Obama Prison MAIN

Obama’s Newest Exec Action: Fed Govt Can No Longer Ask Potential Employees About Criminal History

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Remember Obama’s Multiple Promises of ‘No Boots On the Ground’ In Syria? Well, About That…

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These Might Be the 2 Dumbest Things the President Has Ever Said

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Did You See This Amazing ‘It Was A Video That Caused Benghazi’ Montage?

Lois Lerner and Other IRS Officials Get Off Scot-Free As No Charges Will Be Filed

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Obama Uses Veto Pen to Stop Defense Authorization Bill Due to Money and Gitmo Concerns


Coming Soon to Your Kids’ Schools: ‘Undocumented Immigrant Awareness Day’

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Charles Krauthammer on Hillary: ‘We’re Not Going to Get the Facts’

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The Big Lie: Hillary Said She Didn’t Blame the Video On Benghazi But She Absolutely Did

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Tingles Goes After Hillary’s ‘Fanatics’: They’ll ‘Dirt-Ball’ Biden Until He Leaves The Race

Kerry Netanyahu

John Kerry Tells Israelis to Not Defend Themselves With ‘Restrain From Any Kind Of Self-Help’ Comment

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Obama’s State Department Promotes Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on ‘Killing of US Soldiers’

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Just Watch How Irritated Obama Gets When Steve Kroft Points Out That Putin Is Kicking His Ass

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Our UN Ambassador’s Tweet About Russia Might Be the Stupidest Thing Ever

Valerie Jarrett And Hillary Clinton

The Obama Administration Turns Its Back On Hillary With Valerie Jarrett Making the First Public Move

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These White House Tweets Shows Why Obama Is Fundamentally Unserious About Defending Our Nation

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Obama Subtly Acknowledges He Blew It On ISIS By Upgrading Them From ‘JV Team’ to ‘Apocalyptic Cult’

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How Has the Economy Done Under President Obama? Here Are 9 Different Answers and None Are Good.

Oh, And John Heinz-Ketchup-erry Just Promised to Increase Our Refugee Intake By Over 20%


Donald Goes Donald in Twitter Rant: ‘I’m Not Morally Obligated to Defend’ Obama

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Must-See Video: Black Teenager Magnificently Shreds Obama’s Ahmed Mohamed White House Invite

Eric Fanning

If the New Secretary of the Army Is the Best Candidate, Should His Sexual Orientation Matter?


Until You See These Graphs, You Probably Had No Idea How Many Refugees The U.S. Takes In Each Year

Twin Towers

Opinion: On 9/11 – What Jimmy Carter Started Obama Completed

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If You Thought Mark Levin Was Riled Up Before, Check Out This Video From the #StopIranDeal Rally

A Proud First For The Obama Administration: John Kerry Appoints ‘Email Czar’

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The Ever-Humble Obama: Hey, ‘I Can Relate’ to Duke, Because They Win as Much as I do

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Obama Marks Labor Day by Signing Yet Another Executive Order