Barack Obama

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Colonel Ralph Peters on President Obama’s Speech: He Is ‘A Total Pussy’

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Obama: ‘Yes ISIS Has Attacked Us At Home, But… But… We Need Gun Control Now!!!’

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San Bernardino Shooting Had EVERYTHING To Do With Islam, Despite the President’s Dithering


Gun Expert John Lott Utterly Destroys Obama’s ‘Mass Shootings Don’t Occur Elsewhere’ Claim

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In Paris, Obama Proved Beyond All Doubt His Discourteousness and Self-Importance

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France’s President Has the Balls Ours Doesn’t: Says Islamic State Responsible For Acts of War

Paris Attack

After Claiming ISIS “Contained,” President Obama Won’t “Speculate” On Cause Of Paris Attack

US President Barack Obama Speaks About U

Karma Is a B!#@#: Judge Used Obama’s Own Words to Rule Against His Executive Amnesty Plan

Occupy Democrats

Here Are 8 Graphs To Use In Response to Those Idiotic ‘Occupy Democrats’ Pro-Obama Memes

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Remember Obama’s Multiple Promises of ‘No Boots On the Ground’ In Syria? Well, About That…

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18 Squish GOP Senators Join Democrats to Pass 2-Year Spending Spree Bill

Ahmed And Obama

Less Than 1 Day After Getting a Big Obama Smooch, ClockBoy Ahmed Mohammed Announces Move to Qatar

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Just Watch How Irritated Obama Gets When Steve Kroft Points Out That Putin Is Kicking His Ass

Ramirez Gun Control

Pulitzer-Winning Political Cartoonist Michael Ramirez Destroys Obama’s Gun Control Rant

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Rudy Giuliani Just Said What Everyone Has Been Thinking After Obama’s Gun Control Press Conference


Opinion: Obama & Umpqua shooter — Facts Raise Their Ugly Heads

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These White House Tweets Shows Why Obama Is Fundamentally Unserious About Defending Our Nation

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Obama Subtly Acknowledges He Blew It On ISIS By Upgrading Them From ‘JV Team’ to ‘Apocalyptic Cult’

Obama Biden

How Has the Economy Done Under President Obama? Here Are 9 Different Answers and None Are Good.

US President Barack Obama Speaks About U

Opinion: President Obama, Because of You and Your Destructive Policies, We Want Our Nation Back

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Ben Carson Would Not Vote For a President Who Was a Muslim


Donald Goes Donald in Twitter Rant: ‘I’m Not Morally Obligated to Defend’ Obama

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Must-See Video: Black Teenager Magnificently Shreds Obama’s Ahmed Mohamed White House Invite

Twin Towers

Opinion: On 9/11 – What Jimmy Carter Started Obama Completed

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The Ever-Humble Obama: Hey, ‘I Can Relate’ to Duke, Because They Win as Much as I do

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz’s Tweet About Kim Davis, Barack Obama, and the Mayor of San Francisco Puts Her Lawlessness Into Perspective

Darren Clarke and Janine Pirro

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Blames Obama For Anti-Police Rhetoric That Yielded Houston Deputy’s Murder

Obama Biden

Potential Good News For Biden: Obama’s Biggest Donors Want to Give to Him and Not Hillary

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Fresh Back From Vacation, Obama Launches New Programs to Encourage Solar Energy. Again.

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Obama’s America: Food Banks Struggle to Meet Growing Demand

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BREAKING: Obama Fights ‘Global Warming’ by Putting Solar Panels on Chicken Coops

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Obama’s Claim That He Could Win a 3rd Term? Yeah, New Poll Says He’d Get Torched

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Shocker: Obama Ignoring Military Advice on Russia

Iranian General: We Will ‘Never Forget America’s Crimes’

Obama: The ‘Death to America’ Iranians Are On The Same Side As the Republicans

Obama Connects Dots: If Congress Rejects Iran Deal, Tel Aviv Will Be Bombed

What a Shock: 7 Out of 10 ObamaCare Enrollees Hate Their Plans

Ted Cruz Says Barack Obama is a ‘Lawless’ President. Here Are 76 Reasons Why.

‘We Only Get One Planet’: Admin Roles Out Massive New Enviro Regs

Poll Destroys Obama’s Claim That He’d Get Reelected