Donald Trump

Washington Post’s Biggest False-Claim Recipient For 2015 Has Yuuuuuge Numbers

Hey Trumpaloompas, Is This REALLY the Guy You Think Should Be In Our White House?

Trump’s Answer on Raising the Minimum Wage Was His Worst Answer of the Debate

Umm, About The Donald’s Self-Funding Campaign Claim… Yeah, Not So Much.

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Donald Trump Explains Why the Polls Show Carson Beating Him: ‘It’s Not Very Scientific’

Donald Trump L And Ben Carson AP Photos 640x480

Latest GOP Poll: Trump Gains, Carson’s Right Behind Him, and Fiorina Drops Back

Trump And Clinton

Opinion: No, Mr. Trump… Big Government is Not a ‘Wonderful’ Thing

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Wait, Is That Donald Trump Talking Or Just Your Drunk Neighbor?

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Charles Krauthammer Boils Down Trump’s Narrative: That’s the Theme of His Campaign, ‘Believe me’

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Very Funny: Trump Campaign Sends Marco Rubio a Delivery of Bottled Water

Donald Trump Said That School Shootings Are Unique to America. He Was Wrong.

Mitt Romney Republican National Convention

Mitt Romney Does NOT Think That Donald Trump Will Be the GOP Nominee

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Oops: Hillary Supporters to LOVE Her New Tax Plan, Then Find Out It’s Actually Trump’s

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Naked Pandering: Donald Trump Brought His Bible to the Value Voters Summit

Marco Rubio Jeb Bush

Rubio Rising: Marco Outpolled Jeb In Florida For the First Time

Hissy Fit Thrown: Donald Trump Won’t Be Going On Fox News Any More

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Scott Walker Wants Others to Quit Race & Back a ‘Positive Conservative’ Alternative to Trump

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Conservative Commentator Bill Whittle Finds Some Positive Things To Say About Donald Trump


Donald Goes Donald in Twitter Rant: ‘I’m Not Morally Obligated to Defend’ Obama

Trumpe Carly Faceoff

Opinion: Carly Wows Conservative Twitterverse And Others During An Otherwise Terrible CNN Debate.

Ben Carson Donald Trump

Charles Krauthammer Warns That Trump Could Be Politically Hurt If He Attacks Ben Carson

Rand Paul And Donald Trump

Heads Up GOP Debate Viewers: Rand Paul Plans to Give The Donald ‘Both Barrels’

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Carly Fires Back at The Donald: ‘Ladies, Look at This Face!’

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If You Thought Mark Levin Was Riled Up Before, Check Out This Video From the #StopIranDeal Rally

Trump Hewitt

Opinion: Hewitt’s Interview With Trump- Major Impact or Not?

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

WOW: Latest Poll Results Show Significant Support For Trump By Minorities

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Is Ben Carson Polling Well Due To His Race? Geraldo Rivera Sure Thinks So

Hugh Hewitt

Did You Hear About the Big Interview Between Hugh Hewitt and the Donald? Hewitt Just Pushed Back. Hard.

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Trump Laps The Field in Alabama With Nearly 40% Support, Carson Second at 17%

Donald Trump Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Pushes Back Hard Against Trump and Releases ‘The Real Donald Trump’

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

Opinion: Do the Many Hands of Donald Trump Make Him a Better Option Than Hillary?

Donald Trump L And Ben Carson AP Photos 640x480

Iowans Thirsty For New Blood: Carson and Trump Sharing the Lead

David Duke

In A Huge Blow To Trump Campaign, David Duke Refuses To Endorse Him Due to Donald’s Support Of Israel

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Here’s 3 Minutes of Donald Trump Hilariously Shredding Hillary, Huma, and Weiner

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How About a Twitter Analysis of Whom Donald Trump Is Attacking? And Who is Attacking Him?

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Dynamic Duo? Trump and Cruz Joining Forces to Protest Iran Nuke Deal on Capitol Hill

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Here’s How Bad It’s Gotten: Missouri Woman Sees Donald Trump…in Her BUTTER

Polling: Biden Now Beating Hillary; Trump Surging but One-In-Four Will NEVER Vote For Him

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O’Reilly Blasts ‘Zealot’ Ramos For Trump Confrontation: Acted Like #BlackLivesMatter

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Trump Supporter to Jorge Ramos: ‘Get Out of My Country’