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Marco Rubio

A Fact Check on Rubio’s ‘No Gun Laws Would Have Prevented Recent High-Profile Mass Shootings’

Gun Control Protest

Here Are the REAL Facts On Mass Public Shootings and They’re Not What You’re Being Told By the Media


Gun Expert John Lott Utterly Destroys Obama’s ‘Mass Shootings Don’t Occur Elsewhere’ Claim

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And Now It’s Time For Some Weekend Fun With Dan Joseph: ‘The Gun Control Song’

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Opinion: Why owning a Firearm is not just a Constitutional Right but it is a God-given Right

Gun Free School Zone

Great: Would-Be Killers With Concealed Carry Permits Thwarted By Gov Brown On CA School Campuses

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Hey Gun Haters, Here’s a Quick 5-Step Video to Show You How to Make America Gun Free!

Bernie Sanders HIllary Clinton

Hillary May Have Found One Area Where She’s to the Left Of Bernie: Gun Control

Ramirez Gun Control

Pulitzer-Winning Political Cartoonist Michael Ramirez Destroys Obama’s Gun Control Rant

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On the Heels Of the President’s Calls For More Gun Control, Bill Whittle’s Gun Video Is Directly On Point

Donald Trump Said That School Shootings Are Unique to America. He Was Wrong.

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Rudy Giuliani Just Said What Everyone Has Been Thinking After Obama’s Gun Control Press Conference


Opinion: Obama & Umpqua shooter — Facts Raise Their Ugly Heads

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San Fran’s Only Gun Shop Done In By Intentional and Targeted Leftist Over-Regulation

Gun Store

Yet ANOTHER Loss For Washington DC’s Gun Laws Due to That Pesky and Irritating 2nd Amendment

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Important Public Service Announcement: Beware Of Rogue Guns

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Granny Get Your Gun! Sales Soar As Calls For Gun Control Increase

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Who Knew? Crime Rate Declining in Detroit as Legal Gun Ownership Increases

Gunshow 1

Latest Pew Gun Poll Results Show Very Strong Opinions

Los Angeles Ends City’s Gun Violence With New 10-Round Magazine Ban

Chattanooga Shooter’s Mental History Likely Missed During Background Check

Obama’s Biggest Frustration: Lack of Increased Gun Restrictions