Hillary Clinton

hillary surprised

Hillary Gets VERY Awkward When Asked About Believing Her Husband’s Harassment Accusers


Fact Checking Hillary: Are all Muslims Peaceful, Tolerant, and Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism?

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Reacts As She Listens To A Question From The Audience During A Campaign Event At Uncle Nancy's Coffee In Newton, Iowa

Heads Up H-Rod: The FBI’s Investigation is Expanding and Ramping Up

Hilarious: Hillary Was Warned Multiple Times By State Dept About Personal Email Hacks

Image: United Nations Security Council Meeting On Syria

State Dept Was Asked to NOT Mention Video 2 Days Before Susan Rice Went On TV and Did It Anyway

Clinton Affleck Ap 605

Remember When Hillary Said Chris Stevens Didn’t Have Her Email? Well Ben Affleck Did.

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Although Jeb Bush’s Campaign Is Losing Big, His New Anti-Hillary Ad Is a Big Winner

Everyday Peoples’ Champion H-Rod Gets Her Main Money Support From Ultra-Wealthy Neighborhoods

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It’s Funny to Hear Elijah Cummings Say He Was Defending ‘Truth,’ Not Hillary During Benghazi Hearing

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Did You See This Amazing ‘It Was A Video That Caused Benghazi’ Montage?

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Charles Krauthammer on Hillary: ‘We’re Not Going to Get the Facts’

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The Big Lie: Hillary Said She Didn’t Blame the Video On Benghazi But She Absolutely Did

Trey Gowdy Benghazi

Watch Trey Gowdy Sharply Address Hillary and Explain Exactly What the Benghazi Committee Is Doing

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Tingles Goes After Hillary’s ‘Fanatics’: They’ll ‘Dirt-Ball’ Biden Until He Leaves The Race

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Trollin’ For Support, Hillary Once Again Goes All Southern Drawl

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Simply Describes the Debate As A ‘Race to the Left’

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Bernie’s Comments About Hillary’s Emails Was the Biggest Crowd-Pleaser of the Debate

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In News That Will Shock CNN and Hillary, Americans Want Her to be Asked About Benghazi Tuesday Night

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Here’s An Important Question: Do You Support Hillary’s ‘White Privilege Tax’? If So, You’re Not Alone.

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Hillary May Have Found One Area Where She’s to the Left Of Bernie: Gun Control

Geraldo Rivera FB

Geraldo Rivera Just Defended Hillary BIG TIME On His Facebook Wall. What Do You Think?

The Woman of the People Who Wants to be Your Champion Paid $9,000 For Campaign Playlist Advice

Valerie Jarrett And Hillary Clinton

The Obama Administration Turns Its Back On Hillary With Valerie Jarrett Making the First Public Move

Hillary Clinton And Cheryl Mills

We Just Found the Best Hillary Clinton Email Yet: ‘What Does FUBAR Mean?’

hillary surprised

Forbes Magazine Asks a GREAT Question: Where Is Bill and Hillary’s Missing $50 Million?

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Oops: Hillary Supporters to LOVE Her New Tax Plan, Then Find Out It’s Actually Trump’s

Steven Spielberg Hillary Clinton

Hillary Hired Spielberg and Others to Give Her Likability Lessons and Then Said It Was ‘$h#t’

Hillary Clinton

Despite Assurances That This Never Happened, We Now Know Clinton Staffers Sent Classified Emails to Her Foundation

Bernie Sanders HIllary Clinton

Opinion: The Bernie Phenomenon – Is Socialism This Popular or is Hillary Just That Unlikeable?

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More Evidence That Uncle Joe is Running? Backers Hire Staff in Multiple States

Marco Rubio Jeb Bush

Rubio Rising: Marco Outpolled Jeb In Florida For the First Time

Turns Out, Hillary Is An Ineffective Wiper: FBI Is Recovering Emails From Her Server

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Did You See the Press Conference Where the GOP’s #WarOnWomen Operative Admitted It and Quit?

Ben Carson Hillary Clinton

Hillary Trolls Dr. Carson’s Muslim Comments But Totally Misses His Point

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Cackling Hillary: ‘I Am A Real Person!’

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Here We Go! Looks Like Uncle Joe is About to Join the Party!

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Video: If You Wanna Know Hillary’s Top Accomplishment As Secretary of State, Definitely Don’t Ask Her

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Chelsea Clinton: It’s Surprising Not Everyone Loves My Mom

Hillary Clinton Scott Walker

A Quick Glance At Scott Walkers Twitter Timeline Shows Some GREAT Hillary Trolling

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Flying Pigs Alert: MSNBC Slams ‘Horrendous’ Hillary While Praising Carly ‘Making Waves’