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Obama: ‘Yes ISIS Has Attacked Us At Home, But… But… We Need Gun Control Now!!!’


Marine’s Bold Statement on ISIS: ‘The Way We Are Waging This War Is Immoral’

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Remember That Time Obama Told Us Not to Worry About ISIS… Hours Before the San Bernardino Attack?

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This BBC Anchor’s Direct Statement to ISIS Has Gone Viral and It Is Fantastic

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France’s President Has the Balls Ours Doesn’t: Says Islamic State Responsible For Acts of War

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Feel-Good Video of the Day: ISIS Suicide Bomber Blows Himself in Half

Palmyra Tempe With ISIS Flag

ISIS Just Released Pictures of Their Destruction of Palmyra’s World Heritage Sites

From the ‘Not Surprised’ News Desk: Moroccan French Train Shooter Had Extensive ISIS Ties

2014 11 12 Islamic Terrorists

Drone Strike For the Win: Islamic State 2nd-In-Command Killed Just Outside of Mosul Iraq


Religion of Peace: ISIS Beheads Archaeologist Who Hid Palmyra’s Historical Treasures

Yazidi Iraq Isis Fighters

Iraqi Women Forming Fighting Unit To Battle ISIS To Avenge Sex Slavery

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Chris Cuomo Wonders If NY Times Story On ISIS Sex Slavery Feeds Negative Stereotypes

Uh Oh: ISIS Just Used WMD To Kill Kurds In Iraq

ISIS Executes 19 Girls For Refusing ‘Sexual Jihad’

Military Intelligence: ISIS No Weaker Than Before Obama’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Bombing Campaign

Remember Jihadi John? Now He’s on the Run & Trying to Hang on to His Own Head

Combine Radical Islam and the Beatles and You Get ‘Jihad All Night’

Turkey OKs U.S. Use of Air Bases for Strikes Against ISIS

Libya Parades ISIS Commander Around Naked Before Public Execution

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Car Bomb That Killed 100 Civilians

Graphic ISIS Video Shows Young Boy Beheading an Infidel

U.S. Moves to Expand Drone Use In North Africa Against ISIS in Libya