Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

A Fact Check on Rubio’s ‘No Gun Laws Would Have Prevented Recent High-Profile Mass Shootings’

Harry Reid

Dingy Harry Reid Comes Back From the Dead and Says Rubio Should Quit Senate

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Video: Here Are the Best 4 Moments of the GOP Debate

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Rubio Was Dead-On Correct When He Said CNBC’s Harwood Corrected Tax Criticism

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Simply Describes the Debate As A ‘Race to the Left’

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Very Funny: Trump Campaign Sends Marco Rubio a Delivery of Bottled Water

Marco Rubio Jeb Bush

Rubio Rising: Marco Outpolled Jeb In Florida For the First Time

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Marco Rubio

The Dems Attempt to Smear Rubio’s Fundraiser Just Blew Up All Over Their Faces

Marco Rubio Had the Best One-Liner About Hillary and the Dems

John Kerry Admits That U.S. May Have to Defend Iranian Nuclear Sites

Hillary Drops In Polls and MSNBC Hosts Collectively Lose Their $%&@

Hillary Trails Republicans in 3 States and Nobody Trusts Her

GOP Candidates Are Absolutely Destroying Hillary in the Fund-Raising Race