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Did Political Correctness Stop an Investigation Into San Bernardino Shooter’s Radical Islamic Group?


Whoa: Don Lemon and Alan Dershowitz Criticize Anti-Free Speech Nonsense

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Watch Ted Cruz Perfectly Respond to Megyn Kelly’s Question About His ‘Rick Perry Moment’

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Did You See Megyn Interview the ‘Open Season On the Cracka’ Woman?

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Megyn Goes Off on Those Who Cry About Tea Party ‘Rhetoric’ – But Say ZERO About #BlackLivesMatter

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Was Fox News Chief’s ‘Blunt’ Conversation With Trump an Effort to Give Him a Face-Saving Out?

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Time to Suspend Disbelief? Watch These Black Women Go After Megyn Over Trump

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Defiant Donald to CNN: I Won’t Apologize to Megyn Kelly Because ‘I’m The One That’s Beloved’

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