Radical Islam

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Obama: ‘Yes ISIS Has Attacked Us At Home, But… But… We Need Gun Control Now!!!’

Leftist Economist Assigns Blame For Islamist Terror to One Main Cause: Income Inequality

Syrian Refugees

Is the US Really Going to Bring In Potential Islamists Even Though History Says We Should Not?

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Americans’ Opinion on Obama’s Terrorism Leadership Just Hit a New Low

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Obama’s State Department Promotes Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on ‘Killing of US Soldiers’

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These White House Tweets Shows Why Obama Is Fundamentally Unserious About Defending Our Nation

Refugees In Germany

This Will Not End Well: Radical Islamists Recruiting Refugees In Germany

Radical Islamists Beware: Take A Look At Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell’s New Kick-Ass NRA Ad

From the ‘Not Surprised’ News Desk: Moroccan French Train Shooter Had Extensive ISIS Ties


Sweden’s Ikea Responds To Muslim Murder With a Common Sense Solution: Remove Knives From Stores

ISIS Executes 19 Girls For Refusing ‘Sexual Jihad’

Remember Jihadi John? Now He’s on the Run & Trying to Hang on to His Own Head

Rand Paul’s Modest Proposal: Restrict Immigration From Muslim Countries

Here Are the Final Two Words a Marine Killed in Chattanooga Told His Longtime Girlfriend